Terug naar Ouagadougou


Camera, sound  and directing                   Hans Bouma

Editing                                                       Ruben van der Hammen

Editing assistance                                     Nathalie Cools

Music                                                         Bram Meindersma

Color grading                                            Rachel Stone




For this documentary I followed one of my best friends and his father on a road trip through the desert. After forty years of working in development aid Paul Kleene would take his retreat in Burkina Faso, and not in Europe. So my friend Guido took his father in a minivan with his last belongings from Amsterdam to Ouagadougou, so that he would once and for all have ‘all his shit together’. Back to Ouagadougou turned into a documentary roadmovie about father and son, driving through the fabulous deserts of Algeria and Mali and contemplating on the struggles of life, love and development economics.