Defending Brother No. 2



Director            Jorien van Nes

Camera            Pim Hawinkels, Hans Bouma

Sound              Frenk van der Sterre

Editing              Jurjen Blick

Producer          Gideon Levy

Broadcaster     VPRO



Two Dutch lawyers defend Nuon Chea in Cambodia, aka ‘Brother No 2’, the second man after Pol Pot. How will they do this without repudiating themselves?


background info:

This documentary was initiated by director/producer Gideon Levy after an original idea by Joost Ruijgrok, just before the first Tribunal of war crimes in Cambodia was set up by the United Nations in 2011. I filmed the first two shooting periods in 2011 and 2012. Two years later the film plan was sold to VPRO and from that moment Jorien van Nes took over directing the film, with Pim Hawinkels as the cinematographer for the rest of the movie.