Congo Business Case


Camera & Regie     Hans Bouma

Montage                  Katharina Wartena

Geluid                      Jillis Schriel, Guido Kleene, Hans Bouma

Kleurcoreectie         Redline/Joel Sahuleka

Producent               Annemiek van der Hell

Omroep                   HUMAN

Premiere                 NFF 2013 in competitie



After years of experience in Africa through the FAO, my friend and development worker Daniel Knoop says goodbye to the regular Aid World. In Congo, he starts his own business at an old mission post. It should stimulate the barely existing trade in agricultural products between farmers in the hinterland and the capital Kinshasa. The dilemmas Daniel faces when realizing his plans are numerous and in the end overshadow his appetite to do business.