Ons Bier

Director               Olivier van der Zee

Camera               Olivier van der Zee, Hans Bouma

Editor                  Sander Cijsouw, Olivier van der Zee

Production          Olivier van der Zee

Broadcaster        KRO/NCRV



For this project I started out as the DOP, but then unfortunately the funding of the documentary didn’t succeed. So director Olivier van der Zee then finished the film all by himself. Even so, those first weeks were a great experience. In the end the film was broadcast at ‘2Doc’ by KRO/NCRV



Brewers Ruud and Johan have been brewing their craft beer ‘Huttenkloas’ in their brewery in Twente for over twenty years. The income is disappointing and that is why they rent out their kettles to trendy beer brands from the big cities. As a result, their own beer dream is getting further and further out of sight. The brewers decide to change course and hire a trendy advertising agency. Will they succeed in making their own brand successful?