Like Them (Zoals zij)


Director                         Pau Ortiz

Editor                            Murk Jaep van der Schaaf

Geluid                           Marcel de Hoogd

Producent                     Doxy Films

Première                       Noordelijk Film Festival 2018 (10 november)

Omroep                        Omrop Fryslân





The residents of the Frisian village of Oosterlittens have jointly bought a house in their village to receive a Syrian family that fled from Aleppo. The family cannot settle and leaves for the City after a year. However, when the two eldest sons, Ahmad (19) and Mohammed (18), decide to stay, a new situation arises. With the help of villagers Jan and Janneke, the two boys from a city of millions learn to stand on their own two feet step by step in the new culture of a small Frisian rural community. Like them is a film about independence, the complexity of helping and being helped, about mercy and sense of reality, and the power of a community. World history is taking place at village level.