Ersin in Wonderland (1st season)


Director                           Jorne Baard

Journalist/tourist             Ersin Kiris

Cinematography             Hans Bouma, Jackó van het Hof

Editor                              Pelle Asselbergs

Research                        Barbara Smit

Production                      VPRO/Madeleine Somer




Ersin Kiris travels in a double role as a journalist and a tourist to popular holiday destinations. There is just so much that you can see or understand as a tourist. But what is going on behind the facade?


Typical VPRO series with a lot of humor and wit. Original idea by Jorne Baard and Ersin Kiris, winning a Nipkow nomination after it’s first season. From this series I shot the three episodes: Acapulco, Tunisia and Medellín.