De Prijs van de Hemel


Regie.          Jack Janssen

Editor.          Chris van Oers

Geluid.         Carla van der Meijs, Sander den Broeder

Muziek.        André Ettema

Producent    Keydocs

Omroep       HUMAN 2012





Pablo Paulino Rosario is 13 years old. Like many boys of that age, he dreams of becoming a professional soccer player; among the very best. And unlike most of his colleagues, his dream might come true. Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord all want to add Pablo to their selection.

The pitfalls are huge. The sky-high expectations that Pablo has to meet, the big money that is coming up, the football jungle, a chaotic family life and a fickle father. Never before in the Netherlands (pre-eminent football country) was such a personal image given at such a young age of a boy taking his first steps towards professional football